How we do it

After being involved with thousands of shows and events around the world – one common challenge seemed to consistently reappear… the quality of service and the fees charged for services… were always inconsistent… and they had no connection to any kind of measure of value.

As your partner we guarantee to create the best value possible for your event entertainment experiences by:

  • Sharing best practices and historical successes… fundamentals that allow you to build, create, and design effective events.
  • Provide you with a direct link to to the best and most profound talent available anywhere in the world.
  • Guide you and help coordinate the best value in production support… Pay only for exactly what you need… to have a successful event.
  • Help keep you ahead of the curve of current trends, yet not forgetting the past and what works… the synergy of fresh ideas mixed with proven and time tested strategies.
  • Design custom presentations that truly capture and express the soul of your organization and deeply touch your guests with your unique message.
  • Always keep a watchful and experienced eye on the bottom line. Unbounded and enthusiastic ideas are great… but creating them within a budget … equals success.
  • Coordinate with you- the flow of the entertainment – so we maximize your talent and make sure it fits in the best possible way to support the flow of your event.

From the first design meeting to the final hour of your event, and beyond… we are team players and will work as a partner with you and all your stakeholders… to make sure we create a powerful and rich entertainment experience. You can count on Hopkins Entertainment to make sure every detail is organized, every component is the best available, and every event is world class.